Our Journal

22nd June 2020

Journal entries old and new currently being added. Check back soon for more!

21st June 2020

New website to bring in the 'new normal'!


5th May 2020

Our home learning programme is launched.  It's been so lovely seeing your dance videos 🙂


March -June 2020

Sadly we have had to close our doors during the countrywide Covid-19 lockdown.

Hope to see you again soon!


28th November 2019

Tapathon initial (unverified) results:

7612 tappers breaking the record by 16!

AMAZING! It may take a couple of months to see if we have an official world record. We have collectively raised in access of £38,300 for children in need this year too!


17th November 2019

We had 47 tappers for our Tapathon at SDA this year! We await the results with bated breath!


13th-15th August 2019

We had lots of fun at the summer school. After the show for parents on the last day we took our show down to a local care home to the delight of the residents 🙂


17th May 2019

Well done to all 29 candidates taking Tap, Modern Jazz and adult medal exams. 100% pass mark maintained which was a great achievement particularly for 3 adults who bravely took their Intermediate Modern Jazz - a professional level and very intense exam!


18th November 2018

This years UK TAPATHON event involved 7,494 tappers! We had 40 at SDA.

Another outstanding year. We fell short nationally, by only 102 tappers!

Fundraising this year exceeded £36,700. Wow!


October 2018

We danced our way to happiness!

Couldn't be more proud of all of our wonderful students who were just wonderful on stage and off 😀 xxx


6th-8th August 2018

SDA summer school 6th-8th August had a Greatest Showman theme. Classes in street, contemporary, musical theatre, and Broadway jazz with Emma and Alex.

We had loads of fun with a great show at the end. Lots of talent and very speedy learning again this year!


26th June 2018

Well done to all 22 candidates who took IDTA tap and modern jazz exam. 100% pass rate maintained.


25th June 2018

Well done to all 20 candidates who took RAD ballet exams. 100% pass rate maintained with some very nice results.


6th May 2018

Some of our dancers performed in Cheap Street Church with the Sherborne Young Singers as part of the Sherborne Abbey Festival.


29th November 2017

TAPATHON 2017 involved 7,518 tappers!!! We fell short by of the record by just 78. Tremendous.

Thank you to Terry Fisher Photography for our photo.


19th November 2017

We had 60 tap dancers in our attempt to break the world record for the greatest number of people performing the same tap routine at multiple venues simultaneously (around the UK). 

The current record stands at 7,596.  In 2015 we got to 7,363 and were only 233 short of the record, and last year we managed 7,484 so only 112 short!  This could definitely be the year (fingers crossed)!

We sold 65 Tapathon t-shirts for £10 which goes to Children in Need (minus the cost price of the t-shirts)
We also had a cake sale and raised a further £115.